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When it comes to begging....

DS_Crimson, May 18, 13 11:10 AM.
DONT... Plain and simple. DarkSide is a very helpful guild. But we do not and will not tolerate begging in any form.. We do help level lower members in TC. This is run once daily most days and we rarely miss one.  We also share what boxes we cannot use up to a certain level. And occasionally things we may not be able to use any longer. We are not saying dont ask for help. But we are also not going to tolerate begging.

Training Center News!

DS_Psisis, Mar 7, 13 4:39 PM.
Congratulations Darkside!

We have been grinding away at TC slowly getting up our kill amounts and we have great news!

We finally hit level 2 in TC for the past two days! So Crim and I want to tell you how proud we are of you all and lets keep it up. Our goal is now level 3 so we need more active members at TC and YES we love to help you all level up by using TC. Check the calender for the guild schedule on events!


DarkSide is on a ROLL!!

DS_Crimson, Feb 23, 13 9:53 PM.
So today we zipped through the snake shrine like it was nothing with 3 members! With plenty of time to spare that was cleared as we all waited for TC..

After stuffing our faces with not one but two feasts, we stormed into the Training Center ready to soak up some EXP! And that we did !

Proud to say that JeanGrayy can now do ID 90s! Not only reaching 90 but 91 in TC was exciting for Jean and the ability to now do IDs is a great bonus! Congrats Jean!

Two of our newest members plowed through the 80s tonight and are well on their way to 90 too!! Congrats to Nevan and Beroguel!

Desiderata may just go on a crafting spree after the looting we did tonight!

Psisis' Druid is close to getting his gear.. I know.. he makes the poor thing run naked.. such a tyrant.. :P

Aside from my clicking glitches I was on my way! My Rin tho she did not gain a level is gettin close to Nix gear!

A great time was had by all. Good job everyone!

Also.. DarkSide has reached level 79 and is as I type at 72% to level 80! We are very proud and thank you all for helping your guild grow! Dont forget to do your guild quests! If you need Manager Scrolls to do so ask Psisis! When we reach level 100 I have something special for all active members
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